Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Third time's the charm!

Erm... this is only the half of it :P

There are so many products out on the market and with the growth of the natural hair community via sites such as YouTube, it makes buying products difficult! So what’s our solution? We buy everything that’s out there until our cupboards overflow. It ain’t easy and it’s anything but gentle on our pockets! I decided one day after seeing Jane Carter Solution Hydrating Invigorating Shampoo that it was worth really testing how it worked. (A product review will be coming soon!) I began trying new products at least 3 times to see how my hair reacted. It’s really important to try new products, but at the same time, what works for one naturalista may not work for another. No two people are the same and in that sense, no two hair types are either. There are a few things people may look for when buying and testing a new product and these will be the same few things I will use to review my products along the way. So this is my guide to trying a product before you give it away, sell it or bin it.
  1. Consistency – Is it what you expected? When I buy a conditioner I avoid the overly watery ones. They never seem to penetrate the hair shaft meaning my hair is dry and my money is wasted. Instead, I opt for the thicker and creamier types. By shaking the bottle, I can decide whether the product will be thick enough to really make a difference to my dry 4c hair.
  2. Scent – I like fruity and fresh smells so anything too perfumed is a massive put off. The scent is important because if you like to layer products (the whole leave-in, oil and butter method) you may end up with a scent that is overpowering and slightly sickly.  :S
  3. Moisturisationess -  (A bit of a made up one lol) How does your hair feel after using it? Your main aim is to make sure it keeps your hair moisturised. If your hair is like mine you want to ensure the overall texture has improved. No your hair won’t become like a 3a natural, but it should become softer and more manageable if the product is doing its job.
  4. Slip – Is the product able to really remove knots whilst adding moisture? I find that majority of the cheaper conditioners don’t have enough slip until oil is added to enhance the product. Basically, you shouldn’t have to add something to it before it does its job) I usually go with the idea that what feels good for my skin, feels good for my hair. This is my general consensus as usually after a long detangling process, my fingertips feel “buttery” (I like making up words lol) if the product is doing a good job on my tresses.
  5. Price – A very important point! Is the product worth the price? No matter how cheap it is, I feel cheated if it ends up not working. Especially when I know I was broke when I paid for it, haha! Hair products like Moroccan oil are expensive but if they do the job, it’s fine by me!
These are the only things I wanna look for when I buy something and then I re-evaluate these points after every use. Smelling the product is kinda hard with shop assistants staring at you but get in, get out and it’s alright! Stay tuned for a few product reviews guys and dolls.

Zee xx

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