Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Oh Yes Curlfriend!

Hiya guys and dolls! I’ve just been loving my natural hair recently so I thought I’d share with you guys the things I’m enjoying about my journey. It feels like so long ago that I went natural when in actual fact; it’s been less than a year! My hair has come so far… (wipes away a tear of pride) and It’s a lot less of a hassle than I thought it would be. Sounds kinda silly doesn’t it?

I’ve really been focusing on combatting the dry texture of my hair and for this, I’ve been trying out a shed load of co-washes ranging from one to three times a week. It’s made all the difference ya know! I thought they’d be such a waste of time. You hear natural bloggers and vloggers talk about them all the time but they really clean and moisturise the strands and can really target the dryness. It seems like a huge task to wash, twist and moisturise your hair three times a week but I’ve started to really enjoy the process. After spending a long portion of my journey with extensions, I found that even when I cleaned my scalp with braids in, it was never as clean as I wanted it. So having my hair out and washing it regularly makes me feel so fresh! I just love that everything I do to it makes a visible difference, whether it affects the texture, dryness or shine, so I try my best (when I have the time :S) to go the extra mile for my hair. After all, it’s doing a pretty good job keeping my ears warm here in chilly London, so I may as well do my bit :P

Here’s something I never thought I’d like, not having to worry about keeping my hair smooth all the bloody time! I’m so glad I finally accepted the fact that my hair is thick, curly and unruly! I leave it to do as it pleases when it comes to the “flyaways”. I have a full blown afro now so extra curly hairs are just part and parcel of the journey. It’s made a huge difference to the way I see my styles now. It doesn’t seem so undone, it just looks like me. It feels odd to say aloud but I never thought natural hair would suit me. I always wanted swishy hair because that was all I ever saw on TV (damn you media!) but I’m Ghanaian, damn it! My hair’s gotta curl sometime – and I love it all the more for it.

I’m also really enjoying trying out new styles on my hair. When I first wrote ‘Get empowered by your afro!’ I had only just taken my braids out and paraded my hair for all to see. Since then, the growth has been wicked (yes, I still say wicked, sorry) and my high-puff’s actually look like real puffs! My roll, tuck and pins are staying in place when I try them out and my hairstyles are all in all, not bad! Seeing the transformation is so much fun, especially since I’ve never had long-ish hair like Mariama. I can actually picture myself with shoulder length hair and it’s a tasty image! (Lol, I really get into it when I talk about my hair.)

One thing I’m enjoying more than anything is being able to share my journey with you guys! When I made it onto Curly Nikki this year I was so proud of myself. It’ll be lovely to look back at all the comments, posts and pictures much later in my journey and have everything logged onto here. I’m glad I took the plunge to cut off all my relaxed ends and step into something new. I’ve learnt so much about myself and I feel so confident! (The boys like it too, just in case you were wondering. ;) ) 

I’m hoping to blog all the things I’m loving (and possibly hating) about the journey every few months, so stay tuned for more of my antics! 

Zee xx

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