Saturday, 16 February 2013

Why make a blog?

Hi guys,

As you already (or may not know) we're Mariama and Zainab Marfo and we've decided to make a natural hair blog! Why you ask... WHY?! Cos we did... so... there. Actually we decided to make it because this 'new' natural hair movement has made its way to the UK shores but unlike the USA we don't have seem to have the blogs, vlogs and posts to enable our natural hair to be the best it can be. We're just two po' black girls tryna make it in a natural world!

So here we are, hoping to give people some tips, advice and document our natural journeys. So stay tuned for posts, videos and pictures for your pleasure! (Not that kind of pleasure... I know what you were thinking!)

See ya later,

Maz and Zee xx

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